💥 Now is the time to make use of your connection and give MetaGear a shout out to as many friends as possible cus the payoff is HUGE 🔥🔥 Earn up to 100% commission on market trading fees just by inviting people to play MetaGear 🤑

🚀 Refer everyone to play MetaGear and get a commission of up to 100% from all of their transaction costs on the marketplace.
🚀 Collect your commission from the MetaGear revenue earned by the referred player.

🧐 Imagine. You just invited 1 friend to MetaGear. This leads to a $5000 purchase of NFTs on MetaGear Marketplace. You will get x% commission on the 5000$ when they finish their transaction. If a player earns $5,000 from a game, you get x% of that $5,000. So the more they make, the higher your commission portion.

📈 Check out this table below to learn more about the refer players mechanism and the different levels 💰

🚨 Please note that:
The commission prize will be refreshed once a month at 23:59 on the last day of that month and claimed monthly.
You won’t be eligible for the level update unless you meet the conditions in the table.

🚀 Your commission is dependent on your greatest level for the month. So maximize your revenues by reaching the highest level.


🔥🔥 Not only you will have more fun playing MetaGear with your friends, but you can also get up to 100% commission on market trading fees by inviting people to play MetaGear 🤑

🤑💰 The gate to prosperity has never been that close 🔥

☝ First things first, you gotta complete these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://metagear.game/
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click Your Wallet
  4. Choose Referral to get your referral link.

✌ After getting your referral link, you can send it to whoever you want, as long as they are new players and haven’t created a MetaGear account yet.

🙌 You will get your commission prizes when the people you refer to successfully create MetaGear account with your referral link 🙌

❗❗ But please notice that you will only become that person’s referral if your referral link was the last one they clicked.

🎓Here’s an example:

  • You clicked on Person A’s referral link at 9 PM, but you didn’t create a MetaGear account right away.
  • You then clicked on Person B’s referral link at 10 PM, but you didn’t create the account again.
  • Finally, you create a MetaGear account at 11 PM.

➡ So Person B will get your referral commission, not Person A because you clicked on Person B’s link last.

🔥🔥 So remember to tell your friend to sign up right away using your link or you’ll lose your sweet profits to someone else!

🔮 MetaGear is now available on PC and Android, download NOW:

👉 PC: https://s.metagear.game/PC

👉 Android: https://s.metagear.game/Googleplay

👉 Free-to-Play: https://s.metagear.game/F2P



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MetaGear Official

MetaGear Official

MetaGear is a blockchain-based asymmetric gameplay brought by OnePad PTE LTD.