🙆‍♀️ Thank you for joining our AMA. We understand that many of you may have missed our AMA and your questions are left unanswered 🤔. Therefore, here is the recap of what we discussed! In this AMA, we answered your questions about our Listing Event and our upcoming Alpha Test Event.🔥

📛 We’ll keep updating, so if you have any question, feel free to go back here to see if we have answered what you are wondering or leave your questions here 👉

❓ Will all holders who have 500 $GEARs get to be on the Alpha Test winners list or only a few selected ones?

🤓 Yes, just by holding 500 $GEARs for 2 hours and create an account with us, you’ll be eligible for the event. We’ll upload details of the event on our official social channels. So, be sure to follow us to not miss any news! 👇

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❓ Will you slow down your roadmap as the market is kinda in its low point and by keep putting out events and selling NFTs may put your players and investors at risks?

🤓 First of all, starting from July last year, the GameFi market bloomed tremendously. Therefore, we think that we step into the scene just in time, when people are already familiar with how this is all gonna go.

Secondly, you know that there’s a cycle for everything and this downtrend phase is no exception. Some cycles may last for 3 months, 6 months or a year at most. However, do note that MetaGear is our long-term project, meaning, we are here to stay and MetaGear will outlast the over-hyped 30–60 days projects out there. That is a solid guarantee from us. Hence, the short answer to this question is we will stick closely to our roadmap and focus on quality and users’ experience.

❓ Have you locked your liquidity?

🤓 We have locked our liquidity right after our listing. Also, ⭐️ To ensure public transparency and credibility to the MetaGear community, our whitepaper has been updated with all token allocation transactions.

👉 Read more at:

❓ If i get a chance to play your Alpha Test version, how many NFTs will I be provided with and are they tradable?

🤓 When playing our Alpha Test version, you’ll be given 40 random machine parts so that you can freely be creative with your Gear and also get the utmost experience with as many Gears as possible.These NFTs are not tradable, meaning, you cannot sell it or do any activity with it on the marketplace.

❓ Will all of my playing data from the Alpha Test Event get transferred to my account when the game is launched in March?

🤓 Unfortunately, no. To stay fair with other players, all of your data from this event will be deleted.

❓ We notice that there was a huge dump right after the listing. What did you do to cope with that?

🤓 To be honest, we cannot hide you from anything since everything on blockchain is transparent and public. We did see a huge dump. However, thanks to our reliable and credible partners, we were still able to maintain the price. The price then actually stabilized and gradually increased up until now. That is a very positive sign for our team given the current situation of the market.

Also, one thing we know for sure is that, we have somehow won your trust as many of you choose to hold $GEAR. We’ll surely give back to you by constantly improving the game’s quality and holding exciting events for you in the future.

❓ Did you have anti-bot measurements when $GEAR was listing?

🤓 Yes, we definitely did and we kept notify our GearHeads about it in our post that there will be anti-bot measurements in the first 5 minutes of the listing. And, as we expected, we detected countless transactions from bots and several from real users. We know that this may hurt some users, however, we put the benefits of our investors and users on top and bots can cause tremendous damages to medium to small investors, especially. We’ll try our best to recover the real users that unfortunately are affected by our anti-bot measurements.



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