MetaGear Pop-up AMA on Telegram — Players ask, DEV team answers.

🔥🔥 MetaGear DEV team recently do a pop-up AMA on our official Telegram channel and they answer all the questions that the Gearheads community is dying to know. We have collected all the questions and answers for you guys to check out.

Question 1: From my perspective, as the game always nerfs, and buffs, why don’t you rework the hexagon weapon machine part for users to equip with other chassis?

Answer: We’ve already reworked the hexagon weapon once. Multiple reworking signifies our uncertainty and changeability. We’re gonna release another flying gadget to go along with with the hexagon weapon. This news was previously leaked in the data on our whitepaper. Match 1 will continue to fly for a while, your Gear machine just needs to shoot at high vision.

Question 2: Right now, the liquidity of the marketplace is so low that we can see the excessive amount of NFTs, reducing its value. What is the solution to this situation?

Answer: We’re gonna update the function of NFTs to dismantle into gold. The formula for dismantles = the amount of gold used to upgrade the level + reward multiplier (rarity-related). It costs no $GEAR token. This is for pushing users to burn machine parts into gold, which can be used to upgrade the machine parts.

Question 3: We think the gold should be 60–80% or else, users just burn to upgrade and none of them will use gold mats as they can randomly upgrade and change.

Answer: Upgrading has its own failure rate and using upgraded machine parts increases, money for failure trial and the upgraded machine won’t be counted in dismantling.

Question 4: Now, users are waiting for the end of the tournament, will there be battling or betting?

Answer: After the tournament, we’ll add the function of betting and story mode. However, due to some changes, we are not as sure of the deadline as written in the whitepaper. The detailed plan will be announced asap.

Question 5: Currently, there’s some disagreement in our community and I think a weekly vote is needed in our group to discuss. They can show their own opinion so that there won’t be any uncertainty and changeability but to represent the majority.

Answer: This is already in our plan to have the voting function on our website. The more $Gear token users own, the more votes will be counted.

Question 6: What do you think of a normal or weekly format tour, ranked according to ELO (like the traditional games, losing causes lower rank, winning boosts higher rank with rewards) and the reward is blueprints and a small amount of $GEAR token. This will encourage users to upgrade their machines. It will be even better with a big tournament sometime. Thanks

Answer: This is a good point, our team will take this into account.

Question 7: Before Big Update 3 News, Mr. Ky emphasized in our group that already asked Mr. Thuong not to adjust the NFTs index as it may be unfair to some players who have already built the machine. In fact, Big Update 3 announces the blood increase by 1000 HP for the whole chassis.

Answer: We once intended to add more functions to hold $GEAR but we changed our intention, and now we will release more functions to burn $GEAR, to hold $GEAR is risky.

Actually, I see increasing the blood lengthens the time for the fight to make it more attractive. Before our update, the average amount of time for a fight was only 8s. I think a reasonable chance that our community welcomes can be made.

Question 8: Why don’t you also increase the blood of chassis MG and chassis snow 31 energy?

Answer: Chassis snow 31 was already reported in the first place and we announced that this was a data bug. But due to community pressure and the buffing price of the chassis, we decided not to nerf. Our final decision took time. About MG items, those are presents for guilds who have been with us since the beginning. However, due to bugs, there’re some sold externally, losing the game balance. We could not nerf and wait for the right time to adjust.

Question 10: Are there any function updates till the end of this tournament? Will there be dismantling or selling aces of nation?

Answer: At the end of this tournament, we’ll update dismantling. Other functions will be announced whether to be updated soon. Also, we’ll release new gadgets. As our Gearheads’ requirement, we’ll release higher chassis in heart nation.

Question 11: Will there be any events or programs to promote our game? I saw VTV interview the MetaGear team but isn’t it on air yet?

Answer: Maybe due to our unattractive appearance (laugh). To be honest, when they planned to publish the program on our national channel, BTC dropped to 20k. That leads to the cancellation of the program.

Question 12: When will super legend be released?

Answer: Don’t have any plan for that yet.

And those are the 12 questions and answers from our impromptu AMA. MetaGear DEV team loves to interact with our users to get to know you guys better, so remember to follow MetaGear on our social media to get together 💖

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