This is not a drill 🔥🔥 The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here 🚀

💎 Download and play MetaGear on PC and Android now:
👉 PC: https://apps.metagear.game/play
👉 Android: https://s.metagear.game/Android

🔥🔥 We never sleep on victory, we embrace it 📈 MetaGear team is starting to go full force on Marketing 🚀 Brace yourself and get ready to welcome a wave of new players into our Gearheads community 🔥🔥

⭐️ MetaGear is currently running ads on Google, Youtube, and Facebook, stealing all the spotlights and attracting tons of new players 😎😎

⭐️ Next up, we will also be running ads on Twitter and many more advertising outlets, along with press releases and over 100 KOLs collaboration 🔥 Not to mention the massive events we’re having in-store just for you 💥💥

✨ Expect the unexpected, go global with MetaGear ❗️❗️

So grab your phone and sit still on your PC and get ready to rock with MetaGear 🤜🤛



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