MetaGear: Defined the true value of in-game assets

As the NFT market continues to face high levels of growth, a cross-chain project aims to reduce the barriers to entry for game creators by accelerating and mitigating the risk of launching new projects.

2021 has been marked as the year for unprecedented growth in the nonfungible token (NFT) market. As the market has continued to mature, so has the demand for high-quality NFTs and a need for easier ways to buy, trade and earn income from digital assets.

To further accelerate growth, many believe that seamless communication for users to interact with blockchain and crypto is needed, a concept known as interoperability. With cross-chain capabilities, NFTs can unlock the value from the interconnection between blockchain networks by exchanging information and other data without limitations.

Today, for other games that have simple gameplay on the NFT game marketplace with a short lifespan, developers didn’t pay attention to the expansion possibilities of the game. They only focus on the basic features initially created. The limitation of game expansion will also limit users’ experience and bore them.

MetaGear increases our product expansion possibility with initial functions that are all customizable; develops new features for the long-term roadmap. Players will have the chance to take part in many events and updated features in the future without being limited by the features of the first phase.

Moreover, the powerful growth of blockchain platforms has widely attracted community interest, hence, MetaGear can connect to other blockchain ecosystems like Solana, Polygon, Near… in the next phases in order to expand our users’ approach in near future.

In addition to optimizing the player experience, MetaGear also focuses on building a sustainable-economy ecosystem based on the trading of NFT items. MetaGear creates a decentralized economy based on trading volume in which prices are determined by a community of players.

Further information about the company and the project can be found at:
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