1. Machine Part Fusion

Using 3 Machine Parts with the same type, nation, and rarity to forge a higher rarity Machine Part. Base Machine Part has to be a Genesis, resulting in the outcome being Genesis. Adding more Genesis Machine parts will increase the chance of success. After Fusion succeeds, the base Machine part will remain at its level and bonus with a higher rarity. If Fusion fails, you lose all materials and Machine Parts. The cost for every Fusion is free.

Success probability

Adding the following materials would increase the chance of success by

Adding GEAR to secure not losing your Machine parts if Fusion failed

2. Machine Part Recycles
Using 3 Machine Parts with the same rarity to forge a random Machine part with a higher rarity. After Recycle succeeds, you will receive a random level 1 Machine part. If recycling fails, you will lose all materials and Machine parts. All parts don’t have to be Genesis, but adding more Genesis Parts will increase the chance of success. Having one Genesis Machine Part in Recycle will guarantee if Recycle succeeds, the result will be a Genesis Machine Part. Recycling 3 Durable Machine Parts will have no chance of the result becoming Genesis. The cost for every Recycle is free.

Note: You can’t recycle 3 Legendary Machine Parts.

Success probability

Adding the following materials will increase the chance of success by

Using GEAR will give you 50% of forging a Genesis Machine part (only for 3 non-Genesis fusion)

Machine Part Bonus Energy

By holding NFTs, players will get a bonus on max wins in Quick Fight mode.

Our Bonus Max Win system was initially designed to prevent people from using bots, so the more Machine Parts one holds, the more beneficial it gets in one account. However, we realized that encouraging people to hold excessive amounts of NFTs eventually doesn’t add much value to the marketplace; on the contrary, it reduces utilities in-game and earnings balance overall.

The Bonus Max Win system was designed to be compatible with our old reward system but not the one we are currently using. After changing our Rarity Bonus system, this Bonus Max Win adjustment is necessary to control the inflation.

We’re making this adjustment to benefit the whole community with better liquidity in our marketplace and allow more people to join MetaGear.

3. Rework 8 auto-target weapons

The thing about Auto-target weapons that makes them so dominating over others is their ability to hit your opponent under any circumstances. This has discouraged people from being creative with their comps in-game and is unfair to players who want to build other ways but are forced to build these same weapons because they are just too strong. Therefore, we are adjusting these to bring back the initial strategy gameplay and logical physics.

A sword that can slide you even when you are behind it doesn’t make much sense. The bats must fly in from somewhere; they can’t just suddenly appear above your head, suck your blood, and never let go. Therefore, few of our swords have ultimate abilities without any cost; we make them have a constraint in return for their great power granted. Some of you might not be happy with this adjustment, but this is a necessary move to create a game where physics, balance, and counterplay take place.

MetaGear will adjust the following weapons:

Heart Weapon 0197: Putting this too high up the sky will guarantee bullets to find the target. We adjust it by attaching it nearer to the Weapon slot on the Chassis, so players will have to adapt their comp by choosing the suitable Chassis for this special weapon.

Tsunami Weapon 147: Bats and where to find them. They must have come from somewhere, maybe a cave?

Dream Weapon 179 & Tsunami Weapon 154: Work just like before. After 8 seconds of Auto-targeting, become Melee weapons with the same DPS.

Forest Weapon 104 & Forest Weapon 110: Watch your back! These weapons can slide your opponent in half from afar. We adjust this by keeping the same mechanic, but they can’t touch you when you are behind them.

Tsunami Weapon 144: An electric cloud that lures above your opponent’s head, striking thunder. It will follow them but no longer be fixed directly to their head.

Forest Weapon 124: Work just like before. After 8 seconds of Auto-targeting, shoots out 3 spears like any ranged weapon.

You can find the detailed changes in the picture below:

📌 This is the first part of MetaGear Big Update, which contains all of the changes. The second part about the Tournament will be released soon, so remember to follow MetaGear’s official social channels to catch up.

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