Machine, Metaverse and NFTs: YOU WANT IT? METAGEAR GOT IT!

MetaGear is a new metaverse game set to be launched on year. And while this segment of the industry has gained huge popularity this year and yielded hundreds of projects competing for the market, MetaGear aims to position itself on top of the competition.

Created by a team of experts in gaming industry, MetaGear wants to attract both the new breed of gamers and the nostalgia-driven Millenials with an established taste for games.

MetaGear was born out of nostalgia, which is part of its appeal. Pixel art brings a bit of quaintness mixed with modernity, coining a difference to design publications when the world, especially the gaming industry, is running towards the trend of smooth graphic upgrades.

MetaGear is a tactical game based on physical science. The physical impact mechanism requires thorough study and meticulous calculating by the programmer. With common game genres and in-game factors that use regular strength indicators, forming equations and functions are much simpler. However, integrating with physical impact factors demands computation with many complex functions.

MetaGear has formed a perfect mechanism to integrate with physical impact factors scientifically; variants in the game can be unlimitedly generated based on players’ tactical skills. Players can freely create and design a machine for themselves with a variety of items to fight with other players.

According to its developers, MetaGear is unique due to the culture it will create. The game’s fundamental spirit, the literature it’s based on, and the art it features all come together to create an immersive ecosystem and bond together the community that gathered around it.

The game’s developers have laid out a clear road map that will take the project into 2022. The “playable” version of the game will be released in March 2022.

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MetaGear is a blockchain-based asymmetric gameplay brought by OnePad PTE LTD.