In addition to optimizing the player experience, MetaGear also focuses on building a sustainable-economy ecosystem based on the trading of NFT items. MetaGear creates a decentralized economy based on trading volume in which prices are determined by a community of players.

There are 3 ways to make money in MetaGear: Collect NFT, Farming and Special Events.

Collect NFT

Players can collect Blue Shards in 3 game modes:

Quick fight: Players get rewards for each match. Consecutively winning provides players with an additional bonus according to the winning sequence.

Campaign: The number of playing times is unlimited. Players receive rewards every 48 hours based on the player’s current level.

Tournament: Each season takes place for 7 weeks. Players receive rewards based on the player’s current rank every week. In addition, players can receive $GEAR if they are in the top 10.

Collecting 1000 Blue Shards will create 1 Blueprint. Players can sell Blueprint on the marketplace or use it to randomly generate other NFTs including Booster, Material, or Machine Part. All generated NFTs are tradable on the marketplace. Machine Parts can also be leased to generate passive income.

Farming and Staking


Players and Holders can stake $GEAR for profit as a long-term investment. APY will be determined for each period, based on the token allocation for Ecosystem growth and the total amount of $GEAR staked at that time.


Holders holding $GEAR can participate in a liquidity provider (LP-Liquidity provider) to receive LP tokens. LP token holders can use it to stake $GEAR or participate in the purchase of rare NFTs that are opened for sale through NFT sales. The NFTs offered for sale for liquidity providers are limited and highly valued in the market.

Special Event
MetaGear always aims at community values. We hope users are willing to help us build, develop our product to make it better as well as have a position in the market. Special events are organized and sponsored by Onepad’s partners who are major brands in the world in the gaming and crypto field.

Events open to all MetaGear community to participate such as

Creative competition: Design items, characters, background, soundtrack

Survey & Voting

E-sport: For individual & guilds

Further information about the company and the project can be found at:
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MetaGear is a blockchain-based asymmetric gameplay brought by OnePad PTE LTD.