✨ $GEAR token is more than meets the eye ⭐ When you hold $GEAR tokens, you’re holding a whole world of possibilities 💎

🚀 With $GEAR tokens, you can:
👉 Switching upgrades from one machine to another
👉 Change bonus stats of Rare and above machine parts

💎 MetaGear team is currently working on many more special boosts using $GEAR such as auto-repeat for Quick Fight mode, skip battles and even re-select pilot and reset pilot’s skills.

💥 All of the special boosts will be sold in $GEAR and 100% of the $GEAR token revenue will be burned 🔥🔥

✨ MetaGear team gives you our word that token utility will only focus on the “quality of life” factor throughout the game. $GEAR token utility will be built based on in-game special features and won’t be used in the power-up system and game updates.

❗❗ So hold on tight to your $GEAR before its price goes through the roof 📈📈



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MetaGear Official

MetaGear is a blockchain-based asymmetric gameplay brought by OnePad PTE LTD.